A Telfar bag is hard to come by—the fan-favorite product typically sells out in seconds, somewhat of an elusive construct. The artificial leather “Bushwick Birkin” was designed to cost less than what the brand’s initial customers might earn, as founder Telfar Clemens put it, in a night of work as a DJ. But Telfar’s rapid growth in popularity threw a wrench in its accessible strategy as prices skyrocketed on the secondhand market.

So, being the genius that he is, Telfar decided to hold a pre-order event, the ‘Bag Security Program’, offering users to pre-order any size and color of the infamous bag. The products will then be made according to demand, arriving between December 15, 2020, and January 15, 2021.

“We feel all the love we are getting — but we feel the frustration too; we are not about hype and scarcity,” Telfar previously stated. “We didn’t set out to make an impossible to get product. The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community.” 

Pre-orders, where customers pay upfront for products they will receive weeks or even months later, are nothing new in fashion. For decades, designers have hosted trunk shows where customers can order from a collection weeks after it was shown on the runway but months before it hits stores.

They are, quite literally, doing things differently. And we’re all here for it.