Jordan Brand’s WNBA Family is a group of emerging superstars leaving their mark on the global game. Since the beginning, Jordan Brand athletes have captured the namesake’s strength, form, and finesse. These women in the WNBA are no different.

By investing in the women’s game and the breadth of talent on the Jordan brand roster, they shape the future of basketball culture. Jordan Brand is championing the women’s game, acknowledging these athletes’ talent, grace, and natural force.

Michael Jordan says, “The Jordan Brand is bigger than one person. It’s a family that has transcended basketball and influenced other sports, entertainment, art, and more. And we are continuing to expand our Brand family, even more, today with the addition of these WNBA athletes, who all play an extremely important part in who we are and what we represent as Jordan Brand.”

“We’ve seen our entire culture shift these past few years and are entering a new era for the game as the WNBA celebrates its 25th anniversary. We wanted to capture this powerful moment in time, and Ming Smith was the perfect person to do that,” says Craig Williams, Jordan Brand President.

The iconic photographs were shot by Ming Smith, the first Black woman to have her work acquired by New York’s Museum of Modern Art. In addition to the talent in front of the camera, the team behind the project also included Global Fashion Director Carlos Nazario and Nicola Vassell, the founder of the first Black-owned gallery in Chelsea. They both contributed their expertise to the creation of these powerful images.

The trailblazing young women have all expressed what it means to be a part of this powerful campaign.

On being a part of the Jordan Family:
TE’A COOPER “I feel humble it’s one of the most amazing things that I could say I’ve done thus far. Literally, he’s the GOAT of men’s basketball. And, then for Maya Moore to have started it on the woman’s side, and she’s the GOAT of women’s basketball. And, then I was invited to the first Jordan Brand Classic on the woman’s side. That was special. And, then to go through what I went through in college and then what I went through with the draft, and then I get the opportunity and it’s just unreal. Even the fact that he knows who I am, or he knows my name and that he wanted me to be a part of this is amazing.”

Why is it important that Jordan Brand is investing in the women’s game?
SATOU SABALLY: “By investing in women, Jordan Brand will benefit as much as we do. It is important to shine the light on women by empowering and elevating us. We women will take care of the rest on the court.”

On women in sport…
 ARELLA GUIRANTES: “What I like about our WNBA Jordan family is that we are all different and have our own special and unique gifts both on and off the court. We have a lot of different personalities, and people are seeing we’re not just basketball players or a certain type of basketball player. I admire all of my fellow Jordan teammates who are letting people know it’s OK to be yourself.”

Written By: Tira Audrey