Dear Walk Like Her community, 

This idea was born out of necessity for women to have a voice in the male-dominated sneaker community. When we hear the word streetwear culture, it is automatically associated with men. But what about the women whose identity is built on wearing sneakers?

For me, my love for sneakers started back in the 5th grade. I wanted a pair of white and orange Bo Jacksons. My mom didn’t have it in the budget to buy them for me at the time, so I collected cans and bottles from around the house, washed my grandma’s car, and emptied out the Dolphin shape bank my mom brought me back from a trip to the Bahamas in order to buy them. I felt liberated, I felt accomplished. 

My grandma drove me to the Coliseum Mall located in Jamaica Queens and when I went inside and purchased those sneakers my world changed. Sneakers became a part of me, a part of my culture, a part of my identity. As I went on to Junior High School, my love for Nike air max 95’s grew into a collection that could be envied by many. And once I started wearing J’s, I haven’t looked back. 

After college and maneuvering into corporate america, I was made to believe that sneakers and streetwear culture was ghetto or urban. So, I put my love for kicks to rest and started wearing stilettos. I landed as an Associate Fashion Editor at a notable publication and I noticed that the same styles that were once perceived as urban were now at the forefront of fashion. As a girl from South Jamaica Queens, it felt like what I had grown up loving was now being exploited. 

I was annoyed but felt like I didn’t have a voice in that environment, so I vowed to myself that I would get back to the thing I once loved. I would build an authentic community of women looking to share their enthusiasm for sneakers, fashion, and beauty. A community that wants to change the world through sustainable practices. So here we are. Walk Like Her is not only what I owe myself, but what I owe all the other women who have ever felt like their unique voice hasn’t been heard. 

With Love,